"When I love,
I won’t be mad. By mad I mean
asking stupid questions like,
‘how will you make me whole’?
If I am full of scratches and need someone
to stitch me up then I might call it
‘help’ not love.
When I love, I’ll ask you:
‘How are you going to destroy me’?
What part of me will you eat first?
Is my mouth worthy of your blood?
Is my blood worthy of your mouth?
Tell me.
Tell me.
How would you crack me open?
How would you let my demons stop singing?
When I love you,
be rest assured I am not yet a monster.
It’s a challenge for you
to make one out of me.
I don’t say, make me violent
or evil and scary.
I say, here I am.
You have all the power to ruin me
and I will let you but deep in my skin,
my tissues are aching and begging you
not to do it. But still
you won’t hear me say, don’t.
I’ll scream, do it, do it, do it.
Rip me to pieces.
Here are my hands.
My hair. My teeth. My knees.
Here are my secrets my mother
does not have any idea about.
Here is my bravery.
My faith. My innocence.
Take them. Take them with you.
Burn them or throw them in the lake
until what’s left of me is me and my name.
Then tell me you still want me.
You’d still touch me.
Without any apology."

irishjulienne, when i love (via talkingoutsoft)


The way I remember it,
there was a fountain in your mouth
and i was promised eternity but
maybe I didn’t drink deep enough

I believe, even now
that I came from you
or you from me
and some jealous god
split us in twain
so we would die alone

heaven knows you stopped listening
to what I have to say, but
I would still take a rib from my chest
and plant it in the ground
if it meant you would grow from it
and love me again